High Even Feed ,Walking Foot ,Quilting Foot # 283409

High Even Feed ,Walking Foot ,Quilting Foot # 283409

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High Even Feed ,Walking Foot ,Quilting Foot # 283409 For a smooth, straight line, machine quilting a walking foot is your answer.

This foot is a foot with its own feed dogs to move the top layer of fabric, while the machine's feed dogs move the bottom layer. As the fabric is proceeding under the needle, the machine's feed dogs grip the bottom layer of fabric , pull it through the machine so that the stitches are formed in a line. This special sewing machine foot prevents the top layer of fabric from shifting by moving it under the needle at the same rate as the machine's feed dogs are moving the bottom layer, pleating , preventing puckering of the layers. It is a GREAT tool to have when you sew together the multi-layers of a rag quilt , when you work with heavy fabrics such as denim. I use my walking foot for several processes in producing a quilt:

1 Attaching the binding

2 Straight line or grid quilting

3 Ditch stitching the top to the backing lining through the s,wich

4 Continuous curve quilting

5 Free form cables

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